nuffnang charity project : baby ammar

Pagi tadi, sy bloghopping sebelum mula kerja, alih2 ternampak iklan nuffnang charity baby ammar yg comel ni.. kesian sgt saya baca..  n teringat kat anakku di rumah.. huhu.. :(

2-year-old Ammar Danish has suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since birth. He has a hole in his heart which results in oxygenated blood and non-oxygenated blood mixing together, which in turn puts a lot of strain on his heart and lung arteries. In some cases, the hole eventually seals itself up after some time, but during a routine checkup on 11 January 2010, it was clear that that wasn’t the case with Baby Ammar and doctors pronounced surgery as being necessary to prevent the situation from growing worse.

Baby Ammar’s mother is Nuffnanger Azmaniza bt Mohamad Kamal, who blogs at When this misfortune was brought to our attention by some concerned Nuffnangers, we immediately felt compelled to do something to help a member of our community. The deposit for the surgery to close the PDA will cost RM12,000 and is a tremendous burden for Azmaniza, a full-time working mom with five children to feed.

Pembedahan baby Ammar dijadualkan pada 22 Februari 2010 ni dan usaha pengumpulan dana akan berakhir pada 17 Februari 2010. Jadi, sebelum tiba harinya, jomla kt sama2 menderma untuk baby ammar ni.. 

Comel kan baby ammar ni.. kesian die kan.... so, marilah kt sesama manusia menderma untuk meringankan keluarga baby ammar ni...

Untuk membuat derma :-

Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank)

Walaupun jumlah sedikit, sekurang-kurangnya kt membantu jugak meringankan beban keluarga Puan Azmaniza.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila klik link ni >>>>>>> Baby Ammar

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