long time no see..

its been a long time since i set my blog to private.. it was due to a personal thingy, i locked it for a while..

Should start it back now... while refreshing my mind.. what to blog.. what to type... have a look at this stuff..

OSIM uSonic.. retail normal price is RM298 .. reduced to RM248..but I AM selling it at RM230..free delivery.. either by hand (Klang Valley) @ by courier (Peninsular Malaysia)..

the purpose of this machine is, to clean your personal accessories like your necklace, bracelet, ring, steel watches, spectacles, waterproof shaver, razorblades and other jewelleries and household items etc using ultrasonic wave energy in the water..

Personal View:

-mende ni akan kuarkan satu vibration yg agak kecil tp powerful, then ia akan menghasilkan very tini-tiny bubbles yg akan menyelinap masuk ke celah2 jewellery anda..sekaligus membersihkan segala daki2 yg melekat di celah2 diamond ke celah2 besi tali jam anda..

got it from department lunch lucky draw.. just wore it once, to try this machine..


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