all time obsession

Referring to the quiz that I?ve done in blogthings, the result said that I?m so into books. When I think back of all the major things that I bought, I realize that I am really book freaks?becoming so perasannn in my blog, I snap these pic for my own eye feasts... hehehehe?.mmg ulat buku la kot?tp buku skola dulu malas mau bace? :p

this is all collections bought by me+fiance...ade lagik, these are all yg berkemas dan yg tak berkemas ade di merata2 spt di bawah katil, dlm drawer, atas monitor, atas cpu dan merata2 lagi... :)

now, i'm thinking to hunt some related to my personal growth plak...takkan nak baca novel je kan seumur hidup (i'm going to marry nxt yr..:p) and, also have to think about new rack...where should i buy and place it???hmmm..... any idea abang???maybe can i longgok it at your house??? ngeh ngeh ngeh....

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